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This is Some Fun On The Farm for Students!!
We have offered school field trips since the fall of 2002 with a program that allows the children to learn about farm life.  It is a fun filled, full 2 hour, learning experience.  Our tours start, this year, on September 19th and end October 31st.  We encourage teachers to book early to get their desired date.  The calendar fills up quickly.  Brochures will be sent to schools that have visited our farm the last 3 years.  If you did not receive a brochure by August 11, 2018 feel free to call us 812-963-3175.


Our policy is $120 minimum paid (at $6/person, 20 students/parents) for a guided field trip.  Groups less than 20 are welcome as a self-guided field trip on Mondays for $5 per person.

Our school tour educational activities this year include:  Old McDonald's Farm where the children find all the animals hidden in the corn maze and learn something new about each animal they find.  When the students pick their personal size pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, they will learn the life cycle of the pumpkin.


At Mayse Farm Market, we strive to create fun, interactive activities and educational facts to compliment your school curriculum, which will provide a memorable and exciting learning experience for your students.
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